Top 3 Techniques to Protect Android Device from Virus

It’s like a universal truth that Android phone makes our life quite easier and adds simplicity to our complicated life. However, a number of security threats are integrated with it and it is important to be aware of the steps to get rid of them with proper implementation. 

No matter how severe the attack is, this can’t stop you from implementing necessary step toward device security. So, the simplest method is to use an Android device cautiously and know some of the best protective means to handle it as mentioned by Norton Support

The simplest and most effective things to do for securing Android phone are mentioned below. These tips work best for all Android devices security.

1. Use a VPN

A VPN translates the whole internet connection so that one can use any Wi-Fi network in a secure manner. Internet connection at metro stations and coffee shop are public with possibility of hackers. However, VPN connection blocks everyone from getting inside of your online work. 

This has benefited a lot of people as fake websites and ads won’t be able to access your exact location. In addition, with VPN connection, you can make it appear like you’re present everywhere in the world that you’re not.

All the web traffic of yours is transferred from VPN, which comprise of passwords and credit card details. Initially, you need to make sure you trust the VPN service provider. And that’s basically worth paying of money. Before installing a VPN application, go through the reviews from proper sources or without doubt install Norton Secure VPN.

2. Select Automatic Wi-Fi Connections to recognized networks

The Android Phone feature lets a user to automatically connect to a recognized Wi-Fi hotspot without the permission required. This has a problem, it’s possible that a hacker set up a fake wireless connection with the same name as a popular public hotspot, like KFC, for instance.

 As a result, you may be unaware to the detail that the Android Phone is basically working within the wicked Wi-Fi network, giving all your data to the hacker. Thus, either be alert of the Wi-Fi hotspot you are connected with, or eliminate this risk by just turning this option off. 
Open Phone Settings > Wi-Fi > Ask to join networks

3. Install Android Phone Security App

The best means to secure an Android device from any malware or virus is to install a security application. There are several apps available for the same, however the one which is most in demand is the Norton Mobile Security. The features it holds are incredible and can eliminate the malwares from the device by scanning other apps.

Sometimes, Norton Mobile Security app don’t work as per desired. To make it work properly take assistance from the experts of the Norton Technical Support. These guys are expert in their work and can resolve the issues at any moment of time. Don’t hesitate to connect with them as they are available 24/7 for help.  


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